4 Reasons Why Girgis Insurance Is a Top Insurance Broker in Toronto, Ontario

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4 Reasons Why Girgis Insurance Is a Top Insurance Broker in Toronto, Ontario

At Girgis Insurance, located in Toronto, Ontario, our mission is to provide our clients with superior insurance. Our team can create a customized plan for your personal or business insurance needs. Not only are we a top choice insurance broker in Toronto, but we also offer exceptional customer service to ensure you receive exactly what you need at a fair price. We also offer a unique process for your personalized insurance policies, and we are confident you will not regret working with us! Contact us for a personalized insurance plan today!

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Personalized Insurance Policies

We offer personalized insurance policies for your convenience. Why is this a benefit, you might ask? At Girgis Insurance, we care greatly about our customers and we want to make sure you receive the policy that is the best for you. Our personalized services ensure you are never misled.

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Our Process

At Girgis Insurance, our process is unique for each client we serve. We can provide life insurance, disability insurance, travel insurance, and much more! Moreover, our insurance specialists will work with you from start to finish to ensure everything runs smoothly. Learn more about how our process works!


People Skills

It is essential for your insurance broker to have the necessary people skills. All our team members are eager to make a lasting connection with each of our clients, and we care about much more than solely making a commission.

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Why Choose Us?

Not only do we offer a free complimentary consultation, but you will also get the chance to work with one of our highly experienced and caring insurance brokers. You can trust that we have your best interest in mind, and we will always answer any of your questions or concerns.

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At Girgis Insurance, we are dedicated to helping you with your insurance needs. If you are in the Toronto area, reach out to us today and we can get you set up! Our personalized insurance policies and unique process make us your go-to insurance company. Receive a quote today!