Personal Insurance

Personal Insurance

Life is filled with amazing opportunities to be worrying about not being properly insured. Insurance protection from Girgis Insurance can help by giving you the confidence you need to pursue your goals and plan for the future.

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Life Insurance

Whether you’re planning on starting a family, buying a house, or tying the knot, it’s important to have the right life insurance. There are mainly two types of life insurance available, depending on your personal needs: term life insurance and permanent life insurance. Both types have different features that are designed to meet your specific needs.

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Life Insurance (Part 1) Term

What are the different types of Life Insurance? Which one is the best for me and my family? Ask the expert!

Life Insurance (Part 2) Permanent

What is Permanent Life Insurance?

It’s an insurance plan that can last for a lifetime and also a wealth-building mechanism. Ask the expert!

Leverage Your Life Insurance

Leverage your life insurance policy to fund your retirement, get access to lines of credits, and secure immediate financing arrangements. Ask the expert!

Disability Insurance

In the event that you suffer an injury or illness that keeps you from performing your employment duties, disability insurance is there to help replace your monthly paycheque with tax-free payments. Disabilities are not always strictly physical or obvious — chronic conditions and mental health issues may also qualify as a disability. Premiums for disability insurance typically range from between 1-9% of your salary, but can also be affected by your chosen amount of coverage, the benefit period, your age, health status, or job type.

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Critical Illness

Critical illnesses can strike when you least expect them, putting your financial security at risk. It’s in these instances that critical illness insurance is applicable. Critical illness insurance provides you with tax-free payments in the event that you are diagnosed with a serious medical condition, including cancer, heart attack, or stroke. Rather than worrying about your finances, critical illness insurance allows you to focus on recovery by also providing access to medical help and professional support, including counseling and legal consultations.

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Health & Dental

Most provincial health care plans do not provide coverage for things like prescription drugs, dental, hospital stays, vision, and paramedical services. Health and dental insurance helps to cover this gap in health care plans, especially if you’re reaching retirement age, you’re losing coverage, or you’re ineligible for group benefits.

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Creditor Protection Insurance

Also referred to as “creditor protection,” creditor insurance is a simple way to protect your credit. In the event that you are diagnosed with a serious medical condition or illness, become disabled, experience involuntary job loss, or pass away, creditor insurance provides a defense against debt collectors for you and your family. Creditor insurance allows you to insure your mortgage, loans and lines of credit, and outstanding credit card balances. This insurance can pay your mortgage or any loan balances you have, or help make debt repayments on your behalf.

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