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Insurance for Businesses & Individuals in Ontario

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It’s All About Relationships!

At Girgis Insurance, we believe in solid relationships with our partners. Our goal is not only to provide excellent service to our clients, but also to grow and evolve alongside our partners and make sure that we are all heading towards success. We understand the importance of having allies that can help you and you can help in turn. It’s virtually impossible to make it all the way to the top without the right people and partners around you and we stand by those words! We also welcome referrals from our partners guaranteeing that our team will work hard to find the right plan for the clients they send our way.

Some of our clients have had great things to say about us in the past and we strive to keep making a difference for all the partnerships we create throughout. Check out our testimonials!

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At Girgis Insurance, We Value Our Clients!

There would be no Girgis Insurance without our valuable clients. The core to an insurance business is our clientele and we want to let you know how much we appreciate every individual and business that reaches out to us looking for a personalized insurance plan. Our team is always at your disposal to ask the questions that you need answered in order to get the right insurance that would work for you or your business. If you wish to learn more about our business and team, you can check out our story page where you will find out more information!


We Offer More Than Insurance in Ontario

At the base of Girgis Insurance, you’ll find that we offer a wide variety of insurance services and products that can be tailored to satisfy your unique needs. However, we believe that being in the insurance industry, we are here to provide the services that will give you peace of mind knowing that someone’s got your back when you need it. You can contact our experienced team of insurance brokers and get a quote for personal or business insurance and we will be more than happy to assist you and give you the insurance plan you need!

Whether you are looking for insurance or are looking to partner with us, Girgis Insurance welcomes all to be a part of the Girgis family! Our goal is to provide the best insurance plans for all of our customers and create solid relationships with them and our partners along the way. Contact our team of insurance experts today and get a free quote. We will be more than happy to assist you!